N E W   and  U N I Q U E

pe-SOS  SECURITY AND Emergency  Call Button for THE SMARTPHONE

Feel secure - everywhere and everytime


A T   A   S E N S A T I O N A L   P R I C E


Get the pe-SOS for only 19,90 Euros (LITE) and 29,90 Euros (PREMIUM)

  • Even the mere fact to have the pe-SOS with you gives you a better sense of security
  • pe-SOS is small, light and discreet
  • Fix it on your belt or key ring or simply put it into your pocket - it is always reachable immediatly and unseen
  • If yourself get into an acute emergency, press the pe-SOS and your smartphone will become your mobile alarm system
  • Within 20 meters from your smartphone you can start an emergency call and an additional alarm siren
  • It helps you, if you can't reach or operate your smartphone
  • With the maximum volume of the alarm siren you can attract attention to persons around you
  • More security for all smartphone users
  • Immediate call to registered alert receivers by text message and alert mail
  • Thanks to GPS they know exactly where your current position is
  • So they can help you or are able to organize help within short time

       Additional functions of pe-SOS PREMIUM

  • Route tracking helps, if a person can not be found and also will not be reachable
  • The last GPS position sent by the smartphone will be displayed
  • pe-SOS PREMIUM shows you, independent of an emergency call, the route tracking of your tours (outdoor, bike)
  • You can creat your own tour archive
  • No transfer of data from your smartphone to your pc is necessary -the are available directly on the tracking portal  

pe-SOS is very simple to use:

  • Choose between pe-SOS LITE and pe-SOS PREMIUM in our online-shop
  • Register and name the alert receivers
  • Download the pe-SOS emergency call app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • Connect your pe-SOS with your smartphone by Bluetooth

In case of emergency you only have to push the pe-SOS - all the processes are running in the background

  • Activation of the emergency call
  • Maximum Volume of the alarm siren sounds
  • Current GPS position will be fixed and sent
  • Named alert receivers will be informed
  • The get the current GPS position: 1 x text message, up to 3 receivers by alert mail incl. map display
  • PREMIUM - route and tour tracking for up to 3 users for 12 months (after that 0,99 Euros per month)


pe-SOS Emergency Call App for Android (4.3.) and iPhone (iOS 8)

To use the pe-SOS Emergency Call Button Bluetooth 4LE (Low Energy) on the Smartphone will be required! No emergency call with Bluetooth 4.0 only.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used worldwide
  • For Android Smartphones: no internet connection is required - cellular connection will do
  • Privacy: Send data in case of emergency only or in the selected interval
  • Versatile: Choose GPS tracking settings depending on intended purpose
  • Clear: Check box view for Bluetooth connection in the menu bar of your smartphone

pe-SOS  Emergency Call App Download FOR FREE

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