In 2006, a time when there was no iPhone on the market, ticom startet its activities in the field of smartphone telematics for transport and logistics services. The target of their mobile solutions was to easy operations for cargo dispatchers through sending reliable tracking positions of the trucks via a mobilephone and  associated by status messages for the current situation of order execution. ticom was one of the pioneers for geo referring through the use of data, provided by a smartphone.
In the following years the ranges of application have been extended. A solution for mobile emergency calls with an integrated alarm communication management system was developed and expanded. In 2012 ticom started mobile emergency call services also for Android, Apple and BlackBerry Smartphones. The innovative concept was honored through a placement in the final of the Austrian ebiz egovernment Award.
In 2014 a b2b mobile emergency call solution against armed attacks on truck drivers of high value transports entered the market. Another, also newly launched series of application helps municipal administrations to optimize their winter services with subcontractors. No built-in gps box was needed to deliver routes, tracking positions and operating times no more. ticom delivers a complete time and location management for the billing system.
At the end of 2015 ticom presented pe-SOS the first remote gps emergency call for smartphone apps for the mass market. pe-SOS allows the user to send an alert without handling the mobilphone. pe-SOS is serving an important contribution to the mobile security of individuals.